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Our pre-formatted, easy to use, Protrim Addendum Stickers and software add-on package, makes possible the output of high visibility, top quality price tags. These professional looking tags feature the "Add-On(s)" instead of the non-professional hand-written sticker. By using your computer with your MS Word application and a laser printer, you too can generate a price sticker that complements the MSRP sticker.

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Protrim Addendum Stickers and software add-on package

Seeing IS believing. While hand-written stickers just "curl up and fade away," our easy to read, non-fade Addendum Stickers eflect your add-on's value.

This Addendum Sticker Program includes: USB Thumb Drive that includes 1 - CUSTOMIZED TEMPLATE HEADER with your Dealership Name, Location and FACTORY LOGO, 1 - INSTRUCTIONS SHEET and 250 BLANK, TRIPLE Adhesived ADDENDUM STICKERS. Additional Dealership Templates

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